just one of millions random thoughts and theories that pop into my head all the time.... If u believe that when you die you are reincarnated into another person I assume u would probably have no memory of past life's. But lets just say In a previous life you died in the famous volcano eruption in Pompeii, Italy. In case u don't know anything about that. Mount Vesuvius erupted in 1631 and 79AD covering the entire city ash/lava and preserving much of what Pompeii looked like in 79 A.D.. peoples bodies were immortalized just as they were at there death when their bodies were preserved by hardened ash. anyway Now this place is a big tourist attraction in Italy. So If u had perished when the volcano erupted and was preserved as u were the very instant u died and now after you have been reincarnated u visit Pompeii as a tourist. If when you pass the body that was your in a past life would u feel something? a connection perhaps? Would U instantly know it was u? or not even give it a 2nd glance? What do u think? TELL me what u think I want to know. This is what Pompeii looks like now. ( crazy huh)?
-Mia A.

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