-Love and the Failing Mind-
It's a horrible revelation to the intelligent mind that something as frivolous, fleeting and, sometimes unobtainable as an emotion can ravage ones entire view of their own mental security. That a simple four letter noun can pack such a unforgiving and indiscriminate punch to the IQ of even the sharpest mind. How is it that I can understand the ideas and theories of Quantum chromodynamics, That I have my own Hypotheses regarding Space-time consciousness. Hell, that I can add 2+2 correctly, but bare no insight when love is involved? Now wait, I'm not saying that I lack the knowledge that pertains to being in love and I have no delusion over my passion when it's directed towards another person. However my exiguous of understanding revolves around the diminishing ability to access the infallible mind when love is present. Why is it that when love or even lust rears its head do people seem to loose their own. A carousel of bad decisions will undoubtedly take the place of well-thought out and weighed ones. Even with information pointing us in the right direction of self preservation. Do we more often then not choose to disregard it for the fear of being companion-less. a time that society and propaganda has deemed somber and unilluminated, but that notion is for another time. The idea that love dilutes smarts is not a new discovery on my part . I'm sure many are familiar with the phases fools fall in love and love is blind. But I believe that Its time for that to change, Or at least change it in myself. I will not succumb to this sophomoric law of love nor bask in antediluvian ideology that love mirrors the fool. From this point on my heart will remain instep with my head. I will bare solace in knowing that my insight and perspicacious judgement will accompany my emotions down any road of love and passion.
Perhaps my bablings on will make someone more aware of them self in germane to the falling or being in love. Or maybe if your already in love, in-turn can't fathom or comprehend my words. Just kidding.
All must cherish their heart and Honor there minds.

-Mia A. -2008

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