There will always be a continuum of cadaverous reasons, from delusive preceptors with a exaction for obedience.
Habitual reactions to systematic actions will seem inescapable and these cultivated ethics are entrenched in worn thin standards.
But I am constructed with an indissoluble will, enduring awareness and vehement passion.
The norm is strong but my individuality is ripe with ingenuity.

-mia a. '09



-Love and the Failing Mind-
It's a horrible revelation to the intelligent mind that something as frivolous, fleeting and, sometimes unobtainable as an emotion can ravage ones entire view of their own mental security. That a simple four letter noun can pack such a unforgiving and indiscriminate punch to the IQ of even the sharpest mind. How is it that I can understand the ideas and theories of Quantum chromodynamics, That I have my own Hypotheses regarding Space-time consciousness. Hell, that I can add 2+2 correctly, but bare no insight when love is involved? Now wait, I'm not saying that I lack the knowledge that pertains to being in love and I have no delusion over my passion when it's directed towards another person. However my exiguous of understanding revolves around the diminishing ability to access the infallible mind when love is present. Why is it that when love or even lust rears its head do people seem to loose their own. A carousel of bad decisions will undoubtedly take the place of well-thought out and weighed ones. Even with information pointing us in the right direction of self preservation. Do we more often then not choose to disregard it for the fear of being companion-less. a time that society and propaganda has deemed somber and unilluminated, but that notion is for another time. The idea that love dilutes smarts is not a new discovery on my part . I'm sure many are familiar with the phases fools fall in love and love is blind. But I believe that Its time for that to change, Or at least change it in myself. I will not succumb to this sophomoric law of love nor bask in antediluvian ideology that love mirrors the fool. From this point on my heart will remain instep with my head. I will bare solace in knowing that my insight and perspicacious judgement will accompany my emotions down any road of love and passion.
Perhaps my bablings on will make someone more aware of them self in germane to the falling or being in love. Or maybe if your already in love, in-turn can't fathom or comprehend my words. Just kidding.
All must cherish their heart and Honor there minds.

-Mia A. -2008


Like Alan Watts said of trying to define the personality, it is like trying to bite your nose.

There is no one definition of art. There have been many theories of art since the beginning of recorded history.
Many of these theories have been very opposed to each other. The theory is usually an extention of religious, social, etc, beliefs. For example, the idea of "art for art's sake" is morally reprehensible to moralists ... some think it is a manifesting of God in form ... seeing meaning through unity ... bringing about the sublime ... seeing only that aspect of nature that reflects blah ... representing "reality" as it is or as it should be ... that the art itself contains the vision or that it is symbolic of visionary realities ... others reject art as worshiping idols ... etc, etc ... that art reflects nature (which to some is what we see, to others what we don't see) ... it's so endless a person could go on for hours ...

"Art is a result of human creativity which has some perceived quality beyond its usefulness, usually on the basis of aesthetic value or emotional impact."
- not sure who said this quote,sorry.

"The dual nature of artworks as autonomous structures and social phenomena results in oscillating criteria: Autonomous works provoke the verdict of social indifference and ultimately of being criminally reactionary; conversely, works that make socially univocal discursive judgments thereby negate art as well as themselves."
-Theodor Adorno, from Aesthetic Theory


Emotions are like drinking water. you can insert a hose to your tummy and get water and survive, but it's higher knowledge to experience water itself. emotions have more within them than anything knowable.

Emotions are highly under-rated in a psychology-driven world which tends to oppose logical thinking to emotional feeling; when both go together...

Emotions come first; logic is just there to make sense of them. Without emotions there is no logic - we wouldn't even care about explain rationally something we haven't felt yet.
I love Khalil Gibran's take on emotion/reason. If we're sailing, emotions is the wind blowing and reason the rudder. Without a rudder your boat will crash on the rocks, without any wind, it won't move.

-Mia A.


Since i view postmodernism as a logical, inevitable idea which will certainly die or mutate into something else.
it's a huge topic with a thousand points of entry. but we're still living in the age of postmodernism and pomo, for all intents and purposes, is the mental environment of our era. because we live in it, our minds are constantly reacting to it and interacting with the assumptions we don't even realize are there.
General definition of postmodernism: "We believe that there is no absolute truth, excepting the truth that there is no absolute truth."
Think about that, and the general mental environment of our times, the media, and what lies beneath the irony and funny cynicism that you hear all around you and in the voices of your friends.

The dark ages were stagnant by our modern measures (experts will disagree and say that innovation went on; still, attitudes were more or less locked into place, religion was supreme, and science proceeded slowly.)

In the enlightenment, people rediscovered the classical influence of ancient greece, including science and architecture. they asked scientific questions and got answers. architecture and art generally adhered to rigid principles of beauty. something was either beautiful or it was not. just check the agreed-upon standards. innovation in the arts was seen as self-serving and was frowned upon.

classicism saw the birth of the novel. the emphasis, in literature, was on extreme realism.

romanticism was a turn away from the standards of classicism. poets explored inner feelings; the artist and his/her feelings became the object of beauty. whitman, wordsworth, keats: they turned thier eye inward. emotions were more important than reason. nature was deeply appreciated. this is still going on in popular music today. it's possibly the default for lyric-writing, and it seems that people who don't explore poetry seem to believe that for a poem to be good, it should follow the romantic ideal.

modernism was a formal move toward innovation, a reaction against all formalized conceptions of what constituted art and beauty. an underlying idea was that 'innovation is beautiful.' experimentation dominated. new was good. this new attitude held the movement together, but it itself was formalized, and so ended up being just a new kind of convention that people had to bust through.

relativity and existentialism, i believe, fall in the gap here, and both have a hand in the motives of both modernism and postmodernism. existentialism says that reality is meaningless and it's up to you to provide meaning. relativity suggests that there is no preferred frame of reference.

postmodernism seems to take the final step. postmodern art admits to itself that it is art, and cannot really be a container for unassailable beauty. it acknowledges that it doesn't have that power, due to the unknowable influence of the viewer or reader's perspective. it acknowledges that other minds are co-creators of the art that they're being fed. a self-consciousness intrudes. art can be seen constantly winking at you, acknowledging that it's manipulating your feelings. television commercials seemed to pick up on this in the mid 1990s.

When all truths are suspect, nothing is really true. it is harder to create a moral standard, since the ideas in the basement admit no truths that are absolute universally. rather than take a stand, and in the absence of solid ground to stand on, many people seem to adopt cynical attitudes as a way to shove off the questions. nothing is true, nothing is real, everything is relative, therefore nothing really matters in any measurable way. for some, irony and cynicism and sarcasm seem to function as a mask to hide the vacuum within. a tacit ackowlegement that no one knows anything anymore, but we're going to try to laugh (nervously) about it until we figure something out.

-Mia A.


just one of millions random thoughts and theories that pop into my head all the time.... If u believe that when you die you are reincarnated into another person I assume u would probably have no memory of past life's. But lets just say In a previous life you died in the famous volcano eruption in Pompeii, Italy. In case u don't know anything about that. Mount Vesuvius erupted in 1631 and 79AD covering the entire city ash/lava and preserving much of what Pompeii looked like in 79 A.D.. peoples bodies were immortalized just as they were at there death when their bodies were preserved by hardened ash. anyway Now this place is a big tourist attraction in Italy. So If u had perished when the volcano erupted and was preserved as u were the very instant u died and now after you have been reincarnated u visit Pompeii as a tourist. If when you pass the body that was your in a past life would u feel something? a connection perhaps? Would U instantly know it was u? or not even give it a 2nd glance? What do u think? TELL me what u think I want to know. This is what Pompeii looks like now. ( crazy huh)?
-Mia A.



Does emotion merely serve as a bridge between the higher functions of intellect and the basic functions of instinct, or does it have some other purpose?
Maybe emotions are like drinking water. you can insert a hose to your tummy and get water and survive, but it's higher knowledge to experience water itself. emotions have more within them than anything knowable.
Maybe everything happens for a reason. Whether that reason be divine, complex, or simple is irrelevant; I find that coincidences are simply explanations for that which has not been discovered. Most people think it to be the other way around, but this concept has been working my mind around lately and I've been tempted to side with my own vice-versa philosophy.
-Mia A.



I've been wandering the vacant corridors of my heart lately and I'm sure i'm not looking for something I've misplaced but rather endlessly searching the inanition for what has yet to come. I do know that these hollow halls serve more purpose then to be a labyrinth from my head to my heart. These places have been traveled before and the footprints of those who walked beside me will always lay on the floor. At This moment the only sounds are echos and the light is barely dim. So for now i will disengage this introspection of my heart. Instead i will seek solace in knowing that I am the map and when I find her she will be the light.
-Mia A. -2009



I've traded my heart for empty spaces.
wasted time in no where places
Followed any light that gave off a glimmer
till I got closer and The light got dimmer
So now I know what I knew to start
That I know nothing about my restless heart.
-Mia A. 2007



It rained in North Hollywood last night. Not just a calm rain but the kind where angels go bowling though pins made of clouds. The lighting was so strong that with each strike my whole room lit up from light entering though the window. It was the kind of storm that makes you realize how alone you really are when no one else is around. Made me take stock of my own insignificance. I wondered if I stood in the middle of my back yard with a metal stick aimed towards the heavens would I be worth a lightning strike or like so many other things I aim for just end up cold and wet and standing alone.
-Mia A. 2007


The gift of happiness is a fleeting pleasure, unless it is grounded in the solace granted by one's own feeling of self-satisfaction brought about by the simplicity and duration of contentment. The rarest form of love, being unconditional, is my gift to those who fit the highest grade of character...a character endowed with the concrete texture of integrity, which is treasured far greater than any moveable trait. To know me is to appreciate me, hopefully my value will outweigh my inevitable flaws.

-Mia A. 2006